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Happy new year everyone!

I’m pleased to be the first on this website to tell you, this is now officially the 20th year that CoffeeGeek has been online! I’m just one of dozens, if not hundreds of writers who have written for this website in the past two decades, and I’m pleased as can be to be the first writer for this new year and this important anniversary!

Everyone behind the scenes is working on some excellent new features to roll out this month, and the biggest fun is about to come in February, when we celebrate the date some 20 years ago when CoffeeGeek went public as the first true online community, education, review, and information website for coffee lovers. That date was February 2, 2002, and all February 2022 we’ll be celebrating with interesting content, some special features and a contest!

But you don’t have to wait until February! The first new feature we’re rolling out is for you to get advice and answers from the top of the field experts in various aspects of coffee and espresso. This will be a monthly feature – indeed a multiple-times per month feature – on a variety of topics, and we’re heaps proud to launch the series with Alan Adler, the inventor of the AeroPress coffee brewer.

On the old CoffeeGeek website, the longest and most popular forum thread by a long stretch was the introductory thread on the AeroPress, posted way back in 2004. At the time of its initial posting, the thread was introducing the late prototype of the AeroPress to the world, and Mr. Adler was an early participant in the thread, talking about the brewer’s function, concept, and goals.

That original AeroPress thread was still going strong, with thousands of posts, when CoffeeGeek retired the forums last April. The main reason that thread was so popular is because Mr. Adler himself would respond to most comments and questions about the AeroPress, and he did so for well over 16 years. 

With the forums retired, our Senior Editor reached out to Mr. Adler to ask if he’d be interested in fielding questions from AeroPress owners, fans and people considering the brewing device. He most definitely is, so we’ll be hosting a monthly Q&A blog post featuring your best questions, and Mr. Adler’s responses. 

The first one is planned for later January, so get your questions in now! Ask Mr. Adler anything you want about the AeroPress, and he’ll answer the best questions every month. We have a convenient form set up specifically for your questions, so hop on over and ask away.

In the next few weeks, you’ll find other announcements in the CoffeeGeek Blog for Ask the Expert columns, where you can have your questions about espresso, roasting, coffee farming, and even espresso machine tech answered by some of the world’s foremost experts in those fields.

For now, get your questions in for Mr. Adler on the AeroPress, and we’ll post our first Q&A towards the end of January.

Natia loves coffee and relishes at the chance to write about it. She’s competed in regional barista competitions in the past, and while no longer a Barista as a profession, she says espresso runs through her veins.

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